Upcoming Programming


An Evening with Artist Tanya Aguiñiga and Architect Ronald Rael

Architect Ronald Rael will engage in a presentation and discussion with artist Tanya Aguiñiga, exploring how making art at the southern border creates moments of cultural interaction, exchange, and communication between communities on both sides of the divide.

The Evolution of Street Art in LA

An evening with Judy Baca, Swoon, and Saber

Muralist and Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) co-founder Judy Baca will present on the transformation of L.A.’s storied mural and graffiti art scenes.

Iris Nights Lecture Series

In Case You Missed...

  • Lecture
    Adam Jahiel: The Last Cowboy photo

    Adam Jahiel: The Last Cowboy

    Adam Jahiel reflects on the sentiments of cowboy tradition in his photographs and his process of keeping them as "found" images, honoring their spirit of authenticity.
  • Lecture
    Alison Wright: Face to Face, Portraits of the Human Spirit photo

    Alison Wright: Face to Face, Portraits of the Human Spirit

    Alison Wright presents images excerpted from her book, Face to Face, Portraits of the Human Spirit, discussing the indomitable spirit that lives within us all.
  • Lecture
    Kevin Hand: Alien Oceans photo

    Kevin Hand: Alien Oceans

    Dr. Kevin Hand provides a firsthand report on the ongoing search for life on other worlds, discussing how the exploration of Earth’s ocean helps to inform our understanding of the potential habitability of worlds like Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.